New and Updated Features

Dear member for your convenience we have updated some of our features and added new ones.

Now in "My Friends" section you will be able to see which one of your friends have updated their profiles and/or added friends.

"My Groups" section has been updated as well and just like my friends section you can keep track of most active groups.

That's not all. In your profile if your friends are online at the same time as you are, right above your friends list you can see who is online and you can enjoy sending messages to each other.

Sneak peak:
After long and frequent request we are working on a new feature called My Notes.This feature will allow you to share your study notes, past exam questions and much more. Moreover you will be able to comment on your friend's notes, rate and share or send it as a link to other Studentface members.

Why You Should Be Taking an RSA Course

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The whole idea of taking an RSA courses for RSA Sydney by catch training is great for anyone who works in the food and drink industry. It can help to prepare just about anyone on how to prepare drinks and serve them in a highly responsible manner. Because there are many accidents and injuries caused by intoxication, taking an RSA course will help you to serve drinks in a way to avoid this entirely for your patrons. It's why so many people rely on taking these types of classes and find them to be highly beneficial for both themselves, their business and all of their guests and customers as well.